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ACT as an individual

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ACT as an individual

I am an individual



 I can take up a challenge for Sourire à la vie

Whatever my challenge is, be it sport, art or anything else, I can take it up and have it sponsored by my friends and relatives to the benefit of Sourire à la vie.



  I can organize a charity for Sourire à la vie

 If you feel like gathered people around a noble cause, you can organize charities and raise funds for Sourire à la vie.


Your charities can include :

-     garage sales,

-     lottery,

-     concerts,

-     dinners,

-     sports meetings


 I get my workmates to join the cause of children wth cancer

 In order to make my workmates feel concerned, I can bring a donation box at work : place it either in the staff room or close to the vending machine so that change can be used for donation.



 I celebrate my birthday or my wedding day to the benefit of Sourire à la vie

Share your happiness by donating to a charity : turn your presents into donations, ask your guests to make a donation to help children with cancer.