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Helping the child through the hardships of his disease


Just like a professional athlete should work out towards the Olympics to be as strong, and steady as possible for the coming event, the sick child should be ready to face the different stages of his therapy.


That is why the crew of « Sourire à la vie » will follow the child through a yearly program similar to that of a professional athlete. The association works alongside with sportsmen who give their time and competence to constantly enrich the program.


 A full program thus includes relaxation, mental display, physical work out, massage, nutrition program to grant the child with all the ressources he will need when he most needs it. Thanks to this program he will stay fit, both mentally and physically, he will control his weight loss and keep a better autonomy. He will learn to deal with anxiety attacks, will regain self confidence and improve his self-esteem.

That is what the « RSourire » scientific research program is currently trying to prove.


Various types of activities are available both inside and outside the hospital, all adapted to every child’s specific needs and difficulties. Activities outside the hospital are organized in the form of full-board camps lasting from 2 to 10 days (available 150 days a year, every other week-end and every five weeks).