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« Sourire à la vie » can act on prescription from the early phase of treatment and the medical staff will suggest to allow the program 


Working according to the diagnosis :

The idea is to act as early as possible in the child’s therapy by putting together a steady and long-lasting schedule. A complete program is thus suggested including physical work out, nutrition plan, relaxation adapted to possibilities, needs and desires. 

Working hand in hand with the hospital :

Alongside with Hospital de la Timone and Agence Régionale de Santé , the therapy keeps going when the child is out of the hospital on a holiday or training camp.   A skilled nurse and doctor will be on location to keep he therapy going. 

Therapeutic prevention and education :

« Sourire à la vie » considers therapeutic prevention and education very important in handling pediatric cancer. The children’s stays at « Phare des Sourires » are part of the children’s treatment. A medical prescription is compulsory to take part.  

Going back to the standards of social life :

Being part of a group and taking part in group projects enables children to break from loneliness and share personal experiences.   Sharing such experiences builds up solidarity and helps the child deal with reality and other people’s stare. A child’s autonomy is always put to the test by treatments or the outcome of treatments. Taking part in projects as part of a global therapy is essential to regaining and improving physical and psychological autonomy. By getting children to take part in a group projects, « Sourire à la vie » will help them regain self confidence, self esteem and confidence in their capacities that will help them make their way back to school.The child’s care can continue , according to his wish, throughout the therapy and beyond. Cured patients can contribute to the life of the association. Most of the group leaders in our camps used to be patients . Their training as group leaders is helped and encouraged by the association.  

Helping their way back or into professional life :

Teenagers often need help to find an internship or need help to figure out what job they want to embrace with their unconventional or disrupted education. « Sourire à la vie »’s mission is to create a network of companies ready to take on these young adults.

Every year, Sourire à la vie trains youngsters to become group leaders or anything else thus enabling them to discover what it’s like to work, in a smooth and protective way.